Mary Rogers


Clinical Psychologist, Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers is a registered Clinical Psychologist

Mary has a passion for understanding and managing depression and anxiety. She has a particular interest in relationships of all types, having had specialised training in interpersonal and Emotion focused couples therapy.

Mary offers support, counselling, guidance and coaching for men and women, couples, adolescents, children and families.

Areas dealt with include:

• Anxiety and depression : gaining control of and reducing the impact of stress on your life,

• Dealing with traumatic and difficult life experiences • Improving parent/child communication: coping with ‘willful’ children

• Becoming the person you really want to be –  letting go of the past

• Understanding yourself better • Improving relationships with others: Couples, parent/child, teenager, family, friends etc

• Teenage pressures and issues

• Coping with illness or disability related stresses

• Preparing for death and end of life issues

• Grieving / coping with loss

• Dealing with abuse or unhappy childhood experiences

• Attaining physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and peace

Mary provides Individual and group therapy as well as workshops for parents, couples, teenagers and individuals on a variety of topics.

*** Mary is a Certified BWRT® Practitioner.

‘BWRT®’ stands for ‘BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®’. BWRT® is a new, revolutionary, highly effective and ground breaking therapy as well as a dynamic model of psychology that fits with current thinking of neuroscience.

It is one of the most exciting developments in psychotherapy as it is a fast-acting and extremely effective way to bring about change within the minimum amount of sessions compared to other therapeutic systems. ***

She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from UKZN; as well as a Bachelors and Honour’s Degree in Psychology.

In addition to Psychology, Mary is a qualified Life coach and Nursing Sister, with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from UKZN. Mary has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice, out-patient clinic facilities, inpatient care facilities, community mental health settings, university counselling centers and children’s homes.  Mary has experienced various hospital environments, having worked as a clinical psychologist at several hospital complexes within and around KwaZulu Natal including; Greys Hospital, Addington Hospital, King Edward Hospital and King Dinizulu Hospital Complex.

Mary is also no stranger to the business world, as she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years.

Mary’s peaceful therapy room

More about Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers has been married for 24 years and she is the proud mother of two, delightful daughters. While Mary devotes much of her time to her patients and her family, some of her favourite moments are spent in nature. She loves to sit quietly…, just to listen.., to watch.., to feel and… to reflect Peace from above.