Doctor Antoaneta Slavova

Dr Antoaneta Slavova

Dr Slavova (MA-SOFIA) SPECIALIST PSYCHIATRIST (BG,SA) has extensive experience as a specialist psychiatrist practicing in both Europe and South Africa. She is available for telephonic/online consultations with her FEMINA HEALTH patients from her Gauteng office.

Her training and practice are in the tradition and spirit of the European schools of psychiatry, psychology and philosophy. Her basic medical degree is from Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria, followed by two obtained specialities of psychiatry from Bulgaria and South Africa.  Her clinical experience includes completing courses and visits at Liverpool University, United Kingdom; Medical School, Budapest, Hungary;  Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany;  William James Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Lundbeck Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as attending numerous symposia and congresses on different psychiatric topics.

She holds registrations with Ministry of Health, Bulgaria; Health Professional Council of South Africa and Royal College of Psychiatry, United Kingdom.

Dr Slavova occupied academic positions at Medical Academy, Sofia and Medical School, Durban. She also participated in research for the World Health Organisation (WHO). She has been in private practice for almost two decades.

Dr Slavova’s clinical interest lies in the area of affective disorder: anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and bipolar affective disorders. Besides the challenge of the right and early diagnosis her therapeutic approach is multifaceted – biological, psychotherapeutic, social and educational. Taking an existentialist approach she places the ability of the individual to establish their own meaning of existence as a major factor in preventing ,coping and recovering  from  the affective disorder.

Dr Slavova is particularly interested in two aspects of human functioning: in the context of contemporary lifestyles, the impact of repressed feelings on emotional health and the emotional and behavioural response to difficult / different life circumstances ( including adjustment disorders, burnout ).

Another focus of her work is age related mild cognitive impairment and psychiatry in old age in general.

Areas of interest and expertise:

Depressive disorder

Anxiety Disorders – Generalize Anxiety Disorder; Panic Disorder; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Social Anxiety

Bipolar Affective Disorder

Adjustment Disorder

Psychiatry of old age

Psychiatry of the transitional periods of human life / adolescence , identity, family changes, retirement/

Eating Disorders