FEMINA HEALTH is a medical clinic run by doctors trained in women’s medicine supported by qualified and experienced Dieticians,  Physiotherapists, Psychologists,  occupational therapists and podiatrists to provide for the expert assessment of every woman.

Her current medical, physical and psychological status is assessed.

FEMINA HEALTH will also provide general medical services to their patients and their families as any family practice does. It does however offer medical services which are specific to the care of women.


This allows for the complete individualized assessment of every woman in terms of her MEDICAL, PHYSICAL, and EMOTIONAL state. This is a revolutionary way of looking at medical assessment.

Western medicine normally only considers the PHYSICAL.

We believe that HEALTH is far more about the BALANCE between the PHYSICAL, MEDICAL and EMOTIONAL STATE than the mere attainment of a disease free state. It is the balance between these 3 elements that allows us to be truly healthy.

In order to be able to best treat our patients at FEMINA HEALTH a complete balanced assessment needs to be made in order to reach an action plan that will lead to meaningful change in her life.