Weight Loss Program

In South Africa over 50% of women are overweight. Weight-loss is a frustrating problem that often persists for years. Despite good intentions and a variety of “crash” diets, the weight refuses to budge.

What you need is help in an intelligent, individualised, safe and healthy way, that will work and be sustainable.

The program:

  • 1. Doctors assessment to establish the cause of the weight gain.
  • 2. Individualised blood tests in order to design the weight loss program.
  • 3. Prescription of medication for weight loss.
  • 4. Meal plans- individual listed and designed by a dietician.
  • 5. Exercise plan – designed by a physiotherapist.
  • 6. Psychology support – if required.

Program Outline over the course of approximately 6 months:

  • 1. Initial Weight loss of 10% of body mass over 3 months
  • 2. Monthly Weigh-ins.
  • 3. 3 month stabilisation/maintenance program.


  • Initial Consultation R890
  • Laboratory Blood Tests – medical aid or cash
  • Follow Up R750 Includes prescription of individualised:
          • medication
          • meal plan
          • exersise plan
          • monthly weigh in
  • 3 monthly – check up and maintenance plan R890
  • 6 monthly – check up and prescription R890

This is an extremely effective weight loss program. Provided that you take the medication as prescribed, follow the eating plan as well as the exercise plan, you can expect to at least a 10% sustained weight loss. Goal weight loss may take longer then 3 months if the required weight loss is greater than 10% of the initial body weight. This would be assessed at 3 months.