Mrs Meg Govender, Agile Ultrasound

Agile Ultrasound

Agile Ultrasound is a private Sonography practice offering Diagnostic Medical and Pregnancy ultrasound scans- these include Musculoskeletal (Shoulder,Ankles,Wrists,etc) , Vascular(DVT, venous insufficiency,Carotid Doppler,etc)and soft tissue studies (Breast, Scrotum, Thyroid,etc).

We work together with a team of Specialist Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologists,who are able to assist with ultrasound guided procedures such as biopsies, joint injections,etc.

 Agile Ultrasound is owned by Meg Govender, a dual qualified Diagnostic and Ultrasound Radiographer with more than 10 years of experience working in Radiology. 

She is extremely passionate about the work that she does and strives to provide a high quality, compassionate, professional and personal service to her patients.

As an out of hospital practice – we offer an affordable , safe and convenient experience with no long waiting periods.

Meg‘s vision is that patients are not just a number or a study, but an individual, deserved to be treated with respect and dignity, irrespective of social factors!

Please contact the team on +27 82 962 0208 for an appointment.