Juli Riley

Juli-Ann Riley is a well-known physiotherapist who has run a practice in the area for the past 21 years.

Juli’s special interests are in the treatment of pain, sports injuries and all musculoskeletal conditions ie all spinal, joint, muscle and ligament/tendon problems. She was chosen and lectured as a “Pain Ambassador” for the International Association of Pain, extensively lectured and examined on the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy post-graduate physiotherapy course, had a paper published in the South African Physiotherapy Journal and presented research at a National Physiotherapy Conference.

She is passionate about the unique health needs of women and about providing all her patients with the best physiotherapy care possible.

Juli loves the outdoors, particularly the bush and the beach. She has dived extensively and done volunteer work on marine conservation research. She enjoys staying active. Her latest sport is paddling and she has completed 3 Duzis, two of them in a single canoe.

Juli has 4 rescue dogs that she adores and has a strong desire to ease suffering wherever she can.