Building a nutritious school and work lunchbox after a relaxing holiday may be daunting as its usually one of the last things you get time to think about as the new year approaches.

Here are a few tips for building a healthier lunchbox, and a list that may help to get you started:

  1. Keep it simple: Pack food which needs the least preparation, e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables, left-over meat, cheese, yoghurt, etc.
  2. Whenever you bake muffins, quiches, or any goodies that freeze well, bake enough to freeze and pop in a lunchbox at a later stage.
  3. Use left-over meat and vegetables in wraps, quiches, sandwiches, etc.
  4. Freeze water or juice to help keep the rest of the lunchbox cool until lunch time. This also provides a healthy drink.
  5. Choose something from each group:


A few ideas/combinations to get your creative juices flowing:

Hummus, veg julienne, pretzel sticks

Meal on a kebab: cheese, cut sausages/left-over meat cubes, cherry tomatoes, mini corn on kebab stick

Mini quiches: mix egg with cheese and any left-over meat or vegetables and bake until done.

Sandwich pinwheels: tightly roll up the average sandwich and cut into pinwheels. Can stick it onto a kebab stick to keep it together and in shape.

Homemade popcorn mixed with nuts and/or biltong

Homemade trail mix: Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, Otees cereal, puffed wheat

Contributor: Melissa Lucick – Dietician at FEMINA HEALTH



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