Winter has officially arrived – and with it the annual sniffles and coughs too! You may find yourself feeling hopelessly congested. Did you know that your physiotherapist can help you overcome the congestion of winter blues?

You may have heard the term ‘chest physiotherapy’, but what does this mean? Chest physiotherapy refers to a group of treatments that are designed to improve your respiratory efficiency, promote lung expansion, strengthen respiratory muscles and eliminate secretions. Some of these treatments may include percussions, postural drainage and deep breathing exercises.

When is it required? When you’re coughing, but you’re unable to get the secretions out. When this happens, it can lead to further infection and prolonged illness.

If you are also struggling with your sinuses, we can help too! What is sinusitis? It is an infection of the nasal sinuses with a collection of fluid, this builds up and causes pressure and pain.

Physiotherapy use techniques such as massage, ultrasound and dry needling to promote the drainage of your sinuses, so free yourself from your winter blues and come see your physiotherapist for assistance!

Juli-Ann Riley Physiotherapists provide these treatments from FEMINA HEALTH daily.

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