1) Calculate when your due date is and how far along you are. There are so many online calculators and Apps to make this simple and easy. Its also incredible to be able to see at each week how your baby is growing and developing, it makes it all so real and fascinating.

2)Book an appointment with your Gynae around 8 weeks or call them as soon as you find out you’re pregnant if you have had any past history of miscarriages or infertility. While they take care of the pregnancy your GP is still very much involved in your care and able to manage many of the minor concerns.

3) If you haven’t already been on folic acid start now. There is a great range of vitamins specially formulated for expectant moms and babies

4) If you’re taking any prescription or over the counter medications, please call your GP to discuss if they’re safe to continue.

5) If you’re smoking or drinking any alcohol, stop now. Its not only you but your baby’s health to consider now.

6) Caffeine- this is sometimes the hardest to let go of. Ideally avoid it completely with alternatives like Rooibos or decaf tea or coffee or ginger tea. Remember green tea still has caffeine in it. If you’re really struggling, have no more than 200mcg/d, which is roughly one cup of coffee or two teas per day

7) You may start to find there are certain foods you crave and others just the thought of them makes you ill. Its all a normal part of pregnancy. There are however some things to avoid in pregnancy. We’ll ask our dietitian Mel to do an article on this.

8) Lastly, relax and enjoy every moment of this precious journey. Whether its your 1st or your 5th pregnancy, these moments are unique and miraculous and so incredibly special, treasure every moment.

Thank you to Dr Sue Ford for the contribution.

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