“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings”

As healthcare providers we are well aware of the value of health & the difficulty and challenge when that health is threatened.

A large part of our work is involved with illness and disease, but that is only a part of our work. Ultimately, we want not only to help bring healing to the unwell but we also want to aim towards health for all, promoting healthy whole lives and preventing illness. It’s about more than the simple absence of disease & more about living life as whole and healthy people.


“We are fearfully & wonderfully made” How precious the gift of these amazing bodies we are given to live in, to use & enjoy, & to take care of wisely.This is the first in a series of monthly blog posts where we aim to empower you with you towards living healthy lives.


Dr Susan Ford

We will post on various aspects of health ranging from common conditions to diet advice; cholesterol and sugar checks; advice on vaccinations, to important conditions we screen for with pap smears and mammograms etc.
We will draw on current information as well as liaising with all members of our healthcare team to inform, inspire & encourage you to live full healthy whole lives.

Contributor: Dr Susan Ford

Dr Sue has been with FEMINA HEALTH since February 2015. She has a broad range of experience as well as interests in woman’s health and family medicine. She believes not only in treating the specific illness but in helping the whole person in a holistic manner.
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