This one is for the men! 

Don’t let the name FEMINAHEALTH, or that pink couch put you off, while we may primarily focus on women’s health we most definitely do see men! 30% of our patients are indeed men so it’s time for a “Well Man Check” for all the sons, fathers, brothers and husbands out there…

We are often meticulous when it comes to ensuring that our cars get their annual service, but how diligent are we at ensuring our own annual service? Men, as much as women, have busy and high pressured lifestyles and it is vital that we manage our health and monitor our bodies to ensure that we are as healthy as we can be.

A good place to start is with an annual check-up with a Doctor – Waiting for when you notice something may be too late! The aim is to pick things up before you feel them, so that you can manage them and prevent complications down the line.

What does full medical assessment this entail:

Well actually its quite simple and usually only takes up about 30 mins of your time. It usually involves the Dr asking a few basic questions like any current or previous illnesses, checking for any obvious symptoms, asking about medications and allergies. It also takes into account any smoking/alcohol use & a family history of any diseases. It may not always be easy to volunteer more sensitive information, but these appointments are often valuable opportunities to discuss issues like stress and mood, depression, and any libido or sexual concerns.

This is followed by a basic examination which checks things like weight, blood pressure, heart and lungs, stomach and a prostate exam (if you are 45 years or older).

Finally, a few simple blood tests are run such as cholesterol, sugar, prostate levels and thyroid function. It’s vital that these parameters are checked annaully, because you don’t necessarily feel unwell if your blood pressure or cholesterol is high. however, if these remain unchecked, they can increase your risk of heart disease, strokes and further disease. As with most things prevention is the best from of cure.

We recommend a “well man check” from the age of 40 but, if you have any concerns, operate in a very stressful environment, or have a family history of disease, we cannot stress the importance of seeing a Doctor.

Aesthetic medicine and skin assessments:

FEMINA HEALTH also provides a range of anti-aging techniques which are affordable, discreet and have excellent results.

Skin Assessments are also vital as the unprotected skin, exposed to years and years of sun damage, can develop pigmentation and vascular lesions that are unsightly and in some cases pre-cancerous. These skin conditions need accurate assessment, diagnosis and removal to ensure that they progress no further. Our Doctors are skilled in skin surgery of this nature.

With Fathers day around the corner it’s a good reminder to value yourselves and of the importance of keeping healthy. So, make that appointment and get your well man check up!

Contributor, Dr Susan Ford, GP at FEMINA HEALTH

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