BWRT® has been designed to remove unwanted emotional responses from memories that are deeply troubling and to create new, adaptive neural pathways that do not have the old undesirable emotional responses attached to it.

The therapy extends the neural pathways so that the client/patient’s brain knows the new patterns to use in future. Every new experience creates a new template. In fact, immediately the therapy is finished, the client can no longer feel any negative response to the usual trigger for their presenting symptom, no matter how hard they try to ‘fire it up’.

BWRT® is consistent with the latest Neuroscience developments, particularly Limbic system functioning.

Mary Rogers and Debbie Jameson

This therapy uses the client’s own thought processes and imagination to effect a release from the symptomatic pattern – and there is a strict ethical protocol which ensures maximum effectiveness and complete safety.

Remarkable success rates with:

•Traumatic memories

•Pain attacks


•Exam anxiety

•Social phobia


•Increasing self confidence and self worth

•Performance anxiety

•Generalized Anxiety

•And so much more

Mary Rogers and Debbie Jameson are both Clinical Psychologists and registered BWRT practitioners at Femina Health, Kloof, KZN, South Africa.

Phone 0317647675 or (0861) 336-462 for an appointment.

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